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Mortgage Broker Carrum Downs

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If you are looking for a hand with a home loan then contact us at Will Bell Mortgage Broker Carrum Downs.  

With 15 years of experience and hundreds of thousands in home loans settled, Will Bell Mortgage Broker Carrum Downs is your local expert in the field.

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We liaise with all the involved parties in order to achieve your goals.  All the heavy lifting is done by the guys at Will Bell Mortgage Broker Carrum Downs.  

Locally based Mortgage Brokers, highly rated by our happy clientele because we work hard to get the job done.  So what are you waiting for?  Contact us today to get started!

Whether you are buying your first home, buying an investment property, wanting to refinance, consolidate debts or anything else home loans related, the crew at Will Bell Mortgage Broker Carrum Downs are here to help you.  We will work our backsides off to get you the best outcome.

We are also local in other suburbs and service Frankston, Langwarrin, Seaford, Skye, Carrum, and Patterson Lakes.

Mortgage Broker Carrum Downs

FIRST HOME BUYERS FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Mortgage brokers and banks are both financial institutions that offer mortgage loans to borrowers. However, there are some key differences between the two.

First, mortgage brokers are independent, third-party companies that do not lend money themselves. Instead, they act as intermediaries between borrowers and lenders, helping borrowers find the best possible mortgage loan for their needs. Banks, on the other hand, are financial institutions that lend money directly to borrowers.

Second, mortgage brokers often have access to a wider range of loan products and lenders than banks. Because they work with multiple lenders, they can shop around for the best rates and terms on behalf of their clients. Banks, on the other hand, may only offer mortgage loans from their own institution.

Third, mortgage brokers are typically paid a fee for their services, either by the borrower or the lender. This fee is typically a percentage of the loan amount. Banks, on the other hand, earn money by lending money and charging interest on the loans they provide.

Overall, mortgage brokers in Carrum Downs can offer borrowers a more personalized and comprehensive approach to finding a mortgage loan, with access to a wider range of options and potential savings on interest rates.

Yes, it is possible that a mortgage broker in Carrum Downs could help you find a better mortgage rate. As or mortgage brokers in Carrum Downs work with multiple lenders, they can compare offers from a variety of institutions to find the best rates and terms for you. This can save you time and effort compared to shopping for a mortgage loan on your own. Additionally, our mortgage brokers have good relationships with lenders and access to exclusive loan products that may not be available to the general public, which could potentially result in a better mortgage rate for you. 

Yes, a mortgage broker, such as Will Bell, can help first-time homebuyers. Will Bell can provide personalized advice and guidance to first-time homebuyers, helping them understand the different loan products and rates available, and assisting them in choosing the best option for their situation. 

Overall, working with a mortgage broker can make the homebuying process smoother and less stressful for first-time buyers, and can potentially help them save money on their mortgage loan.

Typically, a deposit equivalent to 20% of the total house value is considered a good target. But, you may still secure a loan with a smaller deposit by taking out Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI).

Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) is a form of insurance that lenders obtain to safeguard against the risk of not being able to recover the outstanding loan balance. This typically occurs when borrowers default on their loan payments, and the property is sold for an amount that falls short of the outstanding loan balance.

The majority of State and Territory governments extend stamp duty concessions to first-home buyers, and in certain instances, they may waive the requirement to pay stamp duty entirely. For example, in Victoria, first-home buyers are exempt from paying stamp duty if the property’s value is less than $600,000, and the contract was signed after 1 July 2017. Additionally, if the property value falls between $600,000 and $750,000, first-home buyers can benefit from a concessional stamp duty rate.

Services We Provide

Property Investing

Property investment loans don’t differ too greatly from regular home loans at Will Bell Mortgage Broker.

Check Your Loans

I can take a look at your current loans and make sure you have the best solution.

First Home Buyer

Get the right loan from the start and save you tens of thousands of dollars.

Consolidate Debt

Don’t let your debts take control of you. I can help you get them under control.


Refinancing is the perfect strategy for people looking to minimise their repayments and save on interest rates, but before enlisting Will Bell Mortgage Broker Carrum Downs to help with refinancing.

Investment loans

Will Bell Mortgage Broker assists the residents of Frankston, Cranbourne, Mornington, Berwick and beyond receive the best outcome for their investment loans..

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If you would like to find out more about our mortgage broking services in Carrum Downs, or would like to learn more about our other range of services, including refinancing, feel free to get in contact with the team at Will Bell Mortgage Broker in Carrum Downs. Give us a call on 0448 111 046 – we will be happy to assist you with your enquiries.

Looking to Move to Carrum Downs?

Carrum Downs is located roughly 36 km south east of the Melbourne CBD.  This location suits a family that needs access to the rest of Melbourne for work or to catch up with family.  It is ideally situated close to major arterials like Eastlink, Peninsula Link and the Frankston Freeway.

The suburb has all you need.  In terms of amenities you have access to major local shops such as Coles, Woolworths and Bunnings.  It is also a desireable location being on the door step of the world famous Mornington Peninsula where you can not run out of things to do.

What are you waiting for?  We’ll see you around sometime soon!

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