7 Important Things to Do After Moving into a New Home

Before You Buy: Checklist for Assessing a House

Congrats on your new home! Moving into a new home can be a very exhilarating time. But once you’ve moved in, you might find yourself asking, “What now?” If you’re not sure what to do after moving into a new home, here’s a checklist that you can use as a guide. Moving into a New Home? […]


Stamp Duty Concessions

FIRST HOME OWNERS STAMP DUTY CONCESSIONS: YOUR ULTIMATE GUIDE Since July 1, 2017, First Home Owners Stamp Duty Concessions have been applied to eligible applicants who are purchasing their first home. It was a way for the Victorian Government to help out our aspiring homeowners to get them into the market.  But, what exactly is […]

How to Qualify for a Mortgage If You Are Self-Employed

First Home Loan Deposit Scheme: A Definitive Guide for Beginners

Over 1 million Australians[1] are swapping their nine-to-five jobs for the freedom of self-employment, picking up work from a variety of freelance jobs – from designing websites to data entry jobs.  Self-employment can be rewarding from both a financial and lifestyle perspective. The downside comes when you want to purchase a home.  Getting a mortgage can […]

An Easy Guide to Applying for a Home Loan

An Easy Guide to Applying for a Home Loan

Signing up for a home loan can be confusing, I know. If you’re not sure how to proceed or how to get started, this article should give you all the info you need. Keep reading! Know your options A lot of first home buyers are not aware of this, but there are tons of choices […]

How to Get a Home Loan Pre Approved

how to get a loan pre approved

By far, this has been one of the most pressing questions first home buyers ask. You know that getting a home loan pre approved is an important step, but how exactly do you do it? After helping my clients complete the process, I decided to make this summary for you to use as a guide. […]