Look out, it’s a war on trade!

Look out, it’s a war on trade. We’ve had tumultuous times with America and China still failing to sort their relationship issues out and whilst it’s helping the share market look good there’s this dreadful sense that it’s about to all come crashing down. I saw someone...

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APRA Releases Hand Break

APRA releases hand brake Today I want to talk about the hand brake in our economy being released by APRA, why it even happened in the first place and what it will mean to the average guy or girl on the street moving forward. Before I get into that, I want to what this...

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Reserve Bank Cuts Interest Rate Again

Today the big news is interest rates have been cut again by the Reserve Bank. If you listen to mainstream media interest rate cuts are good and interest rate rises are bad.  As with most things in mainstream media, there’s more to this story. When you talk about...

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