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Will Bell

I’ve been in finance for 15 years now and feel like I can finally call my self experienced. I started out working for Westpac and after a few years I figured out that a life of slaving away trying to sell products to customers that didn’t want products sold to them was not going to get me much satisfaction. 

It’s now been over 10 years since I started my mortgage brokerage and I have not looked back. What I love about it is that I can sit down and get to know a client and truly advise on what I think is best for them. 

I know my advice is solid because it has stood the test of time, I’ve helped my clients through the different stages of their lives and enjoy watching them grow with the peace of mind that they have someone they can trust on their side

Mortgage Broker Frankston

Types Of Home Loans We Provide For

  1. Standard Variable Rate Mortgage

   – Interest rate varies with the market.

   – Flexible features like extra repayments, redraw facilities, and offset accounts.


  1. Fixed-Rate Mortgage

   – Interest rate is locked in for a specified period, typically 1 to 5 years.

   – Provides certainty in repayments.


  1. Split Rate Mortgage

   – Part of the loan is variable, and part is fixed.

   – Offers a mix of flexibility and certainty.


  1. Interest-Only Mortgage

   – Borrowers only pay the interest for a specified period.

   – Principal amount remains unchanged during the interest-only period.

   – Popular with property investors


  1. Low Doc Mortgage

   – For self-employed borrowers who can’t provide traditional proof of income.

   – Typically requires a larger deposit.


  1. Line of Credit/Equity Loan

   – Allows borrowers to access equity in their property.

   – Works like a credit card with a limit based on property equity.


  1. Construction Loan

   – For those building a new home.

   – Funds are drawn down in stages as building progresses.


  1. Bridging Loan

   – Temporary loan while selling one property and buying another.

   – Covers the gap between the two transactions.


  1. Low Deposit or High LVR Loan

   – For borrowers with a small deposit.

   – May require Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI).

About Our Service at Will Bell Mortgage Broker

Distinctive Process: What truly distinguishes us from others is our meticulous approach. Here’s a glimpse of our unique service:

  • Personalized Understanding: We prioritize understanding your financial standing and future aspirations. Unlike many mortgage brokers, we delve deep into your long-term goals, ensuring our advice aligns with both your immediate and future interests.

  • Initial Consultation: Before diving deep, we engage in a candid conversation to determine if we’re the right fit for your needs. If we believe we can assist, we’ll gather essential documents for a thorough analysis before our detailed meeting.

  • Efficient Document Collection: The documents we collect typically encompass about 90% of what lenders require for loan assessments. This proactive approach not only sets us apart but also ensures that our face-to-face meetings are productive, focusing on optimal outcomes.

  • Clarity & Direction: Our primary aim with most clients is to offer clear guidance on their next steps and ascertain their readiness for a loan application.


Empowering Through Education:

  • Informed Decisions: Our upfront document collection means our in-person meetings can be more educational. We enlighten clients on immediate processes and broader financial subjects.

  • Guidance for First Home Buyers: Many of our clients are taking their first steps into home ownership. We guide them through this journey, highlighting essential checkpoints and potential pitfalls.

  • Financial Insights: We delve into strategies like accelerated home loan repayments, offering basic financial models that showcase how many can potentially clear their loans a decade earlier.

Dedicated Team Effort: Navigating the intricacies of bank loans can be daunting. Our team operates swiftly and efficiently behind the scenes, ensuring your loan application sails through smoothly, reducing the usual stress associated with home loans.

Always Reachable: Accessibility is key. Reach out to Will, and you can expect a prompt response, typically within a few hours. This commitment to communication is a cornerstone of our client satisfaction.

Will Bell's Professional Journey in Mortgage Brokering

Westpac Bank Experience:

– Served at Westpac for approximately 4.5 years.
– Honed skills in personal organization, ensuring a professional approach to daily tasks.
– Gained expertise not only in home loans but also in diverse financial areas like bank accounts, credit cards, and general insurance.

Journey with Will Bell Mortgage Broker:
– Ventured independently as a mortgage broker after acquiring a Certificate IV in Mortgage Broking.
– Proudly became a member of the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) in 2011 and continues to maintain this affiliation.
– After a rigorous two-year mentorship, emerged as a fully-fledged mortgage broker, partnering with the esteemed aggregator, AFG.

Business Evolution:
– Initially, the business was laser-focused on residential home loans to deliver unparalleled service to clients.
– Predominantly catered to young families purchasing their first or second homes.
– Recognizing the need for autonomy and enhanced client service, the company procured its own  Australian Credit License in 2016. For those keen on verification, our license number is 482558.

Looking Ahead – 2023 and Beyond:
– We’re on the cusp of broadening our horizons to better assist self-employed clientele.
– Expansion plans include introducing asset finance and commercial loans to our suite of offerings.


Will Bell Mortgage Broker - Customer Support Manager

John Gonzales

Loan Processor Extraordinaire and Customer Support Manager

John is the cogs in the engine of Will Bell Mortgage Broker –  without him, home loans would be a lot harder to get approved and settled.

He is a finance professional that has done the rounds.  He started his career at Westpac and then moved on to loan processing at Mortgage Choice.  John started with us in 2019 part time and quickly proved himself as we put him on full time in March 2020.

On the outside that looked like a hard choice as Melbourne was descending into the first of many Covid lockdowns, but to us it was the easiest decision to make.

John’s highly committed to provide the best customer service for our clients, making him the right man for the job.

What does a Mortgage Broker do?

about us

A good mortgage broker will take the time to understand you and what you want to achieve both in the short term and long term.

They will recommend to you what they believe is the BEST option for you regardless of rate.

I would be questioning someone that tells me they can get me the cheapest loan.

A mortgage broker will liaise with between the lender and yourself so you don’t have to deal with the bank directly.

A good mortgage broker doesn’t just work 9-5 like the banks, I am available to my clients after hours and on weekends.