ASIC Are Winning At Losing

ASIC are winning at losing ASIC are winning at losing again. They lost their court case against Westpac where they alleged that Westpac breached responsible lending laws in approving 262,000...
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US Recession Around the Corner

If you’ve paid any attention to what I’ve been going on about the last few weeks you would have at least picked up on my negative short-term sentiment towards the...
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negative interest rates

Negative interest rates

The IMF have paved the way for radical negative interest rates, in this article Will explores the scary not to distant future
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Look out, it’s a war on trade!

Look out, it’s a war on trade. We’ve had tumultuous times with America and China still failing to sort their relationship issues in this seemingly never ending war on trade. ...
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APRA Releases Hand Break

APRA releases hand brake Today I want to talk about the hand brake in our economy being released by APRA.  And why it even happened in the first place and...
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Comprehensive Credit Reporting and Your Credit File

Comprehensive Credit Reporting and Your Credit File Over the past few years the government have been quietly going about their business changing legislation in this area giving organisation’s such as...
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Reserve Bank Cuts Interest Rate Again

Today the big news is interest rates have been cut again by the Reserve Bank. If you listen to mainstream media interest rate cuts are good and interest rate rises...
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