Property Investment Loans

Property Investment Loans in Frankston, Mornington, Cranbourne and Berwick

Property investment loans don’t differ too greatly from regular home loans. At Will Bell Mortgage Broker, we will help you secure the best property investment loan, one that is most suitable for you and your situation. We provide property investment loans broking and other investment loans broking for people from Frankston, MorningtonCranbourneBerwick and surrounding areas.

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Variable Interest Rate: The rate that will be paid fluctuates typically aligned with changes to the official cash rate. This category of loan typically has a range of flexible elements such as redraw. However, investors can typically claim this loan as a tax deduction, which reduces the incentive to pay off the loan sooner rather than later. Therefore, this type of loan might not appeal to you as an investor as it might to a pre-existing owner occupier.

Fixed Rate: This is usually the most effective form of rate for investors as it provides certainty of repayments. This is often useful as the rent payments on a property are fixed during the term of the lease. Regardless of market interest rates rises, you as a landlord may still not be able to raise the rent rates until the tenant’s lease has expired. Therefore, by choosing a fixed interest rate you will have more certainty regarding the repayment of the property and the management of your money.

Split Rate: Just as homeowners can choose to split their payment between variable and fixed rate components, an investor can do the same.

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