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Buying your first home can be an overwhelming prospect. That’s why the home loan experts at Will Bell Mortgage Broker are here to help you every step of the way. Contact us today to get started.

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The First Home Loan Deposit Scheme

How does a guarantor loan work?

The Most Important Thing A First Home Buyer Needs To Do

Arguably the most stressful part of buying your first home is getting the home loan approved. Here are a few tips for the aspiring first home buyer.

  1. Don’t be naughty – you need to have a good record of paying your bills on time and not overdrawing your accounts to show the lender that you’re applying for a home loan from that you are good for the money.  A good place to start is checking your credit file for free.
  2. Prepare.  What I mean is do not go out looking at houses when you have not get your home loan pre-approved.  This can often take months just to sort out.  You need to follow a process and that process means knowing what your home loan options are before going shopping.
  3.  Stop researching. If you are one of those people that feel as if they need to know all of the information before doing something the just stop.  This is a road to nowhere because there is so much information out there.  Added to this, the lending policies for lenders are constantly changing and things that apply to some people may not apply to you.  Get good help!


We always bang on about getting to the top of Everest. No one goes up along, that’s just crazy talk. Let us be your Sherpa’s on your home loan journey!

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