A young couple faced several hurdles while purchasing their first home, but Will Bell Mortgage Broker was able to help them get their applications sorted and fulfill their dream.


After jumping through all the hoops and filling out the endless amounts of paperwork that the banks required, this young couple thought they were on their way to fulfilling their dream and purchasing their first home. But reality quickly set in when there was a slight hiccup in their plans and the banks denied their application, leaving them feeling frustrated and unsure where to turn. Seeking an explanation and much needed expert advice they came to Will Bell Mortgage Broker to get the answers they desired.

Difficulties Faced

Each case is different, with unique circumstances and parameters. After examining the young couple’s applications and finances, Will Bell Mortgage Broker was able to identify where the couple may have been hitting a roadblock even though they had done everything that the bank required. Will identified that as one of the couple has been self employed for the last two years and had been receiving job seeker, this would appear as a big red flag to the banks when approving them for a loan.


Will Bell Mortgage Broker worked with the couple to get the paperwork together and highlight the $50K deposit that the couple had saved.  With the added security of the parents of the couple getting a guarantee on the property, everything fell into place as the couple took the next step and started putting in offers for their dream first home. 

Spotlight On

Will Bell Mortgage Broker is highly experienced in assisting First Home Buyers in fulfilling their dreams and purchasing their first home with their First Home Buyer Service. Will Bell understands that it can be an overwhelming and frustrating process when you start the process, which is why they are here to help you every step of the way, providing expert support and knowledge to make the process of purchasing your first home as easy and enjoyable as possible.


Will Bell Mortgage Broker was able to help the young couple secure a home loan, get succession on stamp duty and with the pop of champagne the couple got to fulfill their dream and successfully purchased their first home i


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