Mornington Peninsula Property Chat – July 2021

In July I caught up with Mornington Peninsula Buyers Advocate Andre Pereira of Bright Property Advocates to have a chat about the local property Market. In this month of Mornington Peninsula Property Chat we discuss the booming property market and take a couple of properties that sold during the month and achieved great results.  We delve […]

Case Study – First Home Buyer Frankston

Task A young couple faced several hurdles while purchasing their first home, but Will Bell Mortgage Broker was able to help them get their applications sorted and fulfill their dream. Overview After jumping through all the hoops and filling out the endless amounts of paperwork that the banks required, this young couple thought they were […]

Monthly Update June 2021

Time Stamps 1:15 APRA ask lenders to cut back on risky lending 3:15 The fortnightly repayment method 6:10 Housing commitments going off 8:20 Biden’s big spend 9:35 Victoria’s forgotten behemoth infrastructure spending Home Loan News Hey guys, hope you’re all living through lockdown number four and surviving out there. Yeah, it’s getting thin for everyone, […]


So you are ready to buy your first home? First of all congratulations! Buying your first home and becoming a property owner can be a very exciting time. However, it can also be overwhelming; and understandably so, given that a home is probably the biggest purchase you will ever make. Buying a home can take […]

Monthly Update May 2021

First Home Loan Deposit Scheme I thought I’d probably have another quick video seeing what we had at the budget last night. I know it’s really enthralling news for you guys, so I won’t keep it too heavy for you. Again, the rundown is home loans property, and some news about the broader economy. Home […]

First Home Loan Deposit Scheme

Supporting First home buyers There are quite a few updates I thought I would go through. So, on top of things when it comes to buying your first home, some announcements are made in conjunction with the budget, which is due to be announced tonight the 11th of May. The point is they pre-announce these […]

Will Bell Monthly Update April 2021

Will Bell Monthly Update April 2021 Hey guys, Will here coming back to you with another update on all things finance giving the rundown of home loan news, property market update and some comments on the border economy, so we will jump into it.  Local Home loans news So first off in home loan news. […]

Monthly Update March 2021

Home loan news First off we’ve got some more fixed rate reductions, so this time around Westpac has come in, and now our two and three year rates are below 2%. They are from 1.89% that is for two years and three years is now 1.98%. So that is pretty big news in terms of […]

Rent or Buy a House: What is the Better Option for You?

Shelling out a large sum of money for either option is not easy. This is why you should weigh all the pros and cons to get the most out of your budget. But what aspects should you consider to get the best deal? To help you make the right choice, I made this short comparison […]