How to Choose the Right Property Investment Location

Investing in a real estate property gives you the potential to grow your wealth over time. Changing the interiors or exteriors can even increase its value. One thing you can’t change, though, is the property’s location. That is why it is important to pick the right investment location for your chosen property. Picking the wrong one can […]

What are the Costs Involved in Buying an Investment Property?

Are you planning to buy an investment property? Buying an investment property is a financial commitment. You need to be aware of all the costs involved in doing so. Knowing what these costs are will help you know how much you can afford and how much you are going to owe. So what are the costs you […]

How to Qualify for a Mortgage If You Are Self-Employed

Over 1 million Australians[1] are swapping their nine-to-five jobs for the freedom of self-employment, picking up work from a variety of freelance jobs – from designing websites to data entry jobs.  Self-employment can be rewarding from both a financial and lifestyle perspective. The downside comes when you want to purchase a home.  Getting a mortgage can […]

Things to Know Before Refinancing Your Home

There are many reasons to consider a home refinance. Getting a better interest rate to lower monthly payments is still one of the leading reasons to refinance your home. Moreover, refinancing your home also means that you can access your home equity and put your money in long-term investments. However, applying for a home refinance […]

Can I Refinance My Line of Credit Home Loan?

A line of credit (LOC) home loan allows borrowers to access funds from the equity in their property. This can be used separately or simultaneously for different purposes. Perhaps you want to do a home renovation or have emergency medical expenses. Perhaps you want to utilise the equity in your home as a deposit for […]

Why the Property Market Will Boom Part 5 – Infrastructure Spending

Rich people love owning property. They know they literally do not have to lift a finger (or spend a dime) and the value of that land will increase. They know their mates in the government will unfairly tax the majority (poor people) and with all that tax money they will improve infrastructure and amenity in […]

Secrets to Growing Your Investment Property

A good business is always growing and expanding – and looking for ways to improve your investment properties are no different. You are already an investment property owner, so the hard part is over. Growing your investment property portfolio should be a fun, lucrative way to build your business. In this article, I will be […]

BOOM TOWN: Why the Property Market Will Boom Part 3 – Government Schemes

In Part 3 of this series I’m going to touch on how government schemes always help push the market higher.  People like to blame events like booms and crashes on one thing.  It’s nice and convenient to blame one thing.  The GFC was caused by “the bankers”.  The dot com crash was “tech speculators”.  The […]