Buying a house is a major purchase. For most, it’s even a lifelong commitment. With that said, it’s practical to go over all your options before making up your mind about a home loan. Working with a mortgage broker will help you do just that… and more!

Service on demand

The thing about working with banks is that they can only help you during bank hours. If you can’t catch an appointment on time, you’ll have to wait for the next day. This is the protocol, but if you’re a busy person, it really delays the progress of your home loan application. Another thing is that banks offer limited loans and programs.

“Why use a mortgage broker then?”, I hear you ask. Well, the answer is simple. You can get the help you need on a much more flexible schedule. You’re also able to consider other options (besides what the bank can offer) when it comes to getting a home loan.

Saves time

On average, getting approved for a home loan takes about two weeks. But, if you don’t know what you’re doing or you don’t have the requirements needed, it can take a whole lot longer.

If you’re not keen on wasting time, teaming up with a mortgage broker is the best decision. As a mortgage professional, I can walk you through the process so you can get things done without delay. In fact, I can also raise the chances of your getting your application approved on the first try. That, in itself, is a good answer for “why use a mortgage broker?”. Don’t you agree?

Expert advice and targeted solutions

You might either be worrying about a low credit score. Or, you could be looking for a loan that doesn’t need a lot of deposit. In any case, your situation is never exactly like anyone else’s. That means, you also need to take a unique set of actions that will help you reach your goal- to get a home loan.

By working with a mortgage broker, you won’t need to spend hours on the internet for tips and advice (that may not even work!). All you need to do is send me an email, ask your question, and you’ll have the answers you need right away.

Quick loan comparisons

I know how hard it is to make the final decision. With all the jargon and whatnot, it’s easy to get confused.

However, when you have a mortgage broker on your side, that can change. For instance, I like to explain my all my client’s options before they settle on anything. I also see to it that they understand the pros and cons that come with each type of loan. This way, making an informed decision about your finances is much easier and safer. After all, you wouldn’t want to sign up for something you would regret in the future, would you?

Lower cost

Yes, it’s true! Mortgage brokers like myself take a commission from lenders. This way, you don’t have to worry about shelling out extra money just to enjoy the services I can offer.

If you plan on applying for a home loan or getting a pre-approved, reach out to me. I’ll take care of your questions or concerns about the process. With my help, you can get your home sweet home much quicker, easier, and far cheaper too!

Still thinking about why use a mortgage broker? Send me an e-mail and I’ll tell you how I can make your life easier!


Will Bell Mortgage Broker is a mortgage and finance broker based in Melbourne specializing in residential home loans.  Will is all about the average Australian understanding just enough of the broader economy to take action on your own personal economy.  He is the host of the My Personal Economy Podcast which you can check out here.

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